Financial Budgeting and Planning


U/S ID- 7468, this NQF4 course comes with 6 credits. Plan and control financial instruments including insurance and assurance, unit trusts, stock exchange dealings, options, futures and bonds. Use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations including mortgage loans, hire purchase, present values, annuities and sinking funds. [...]

Manage Stock and Fixed Assets


U/S ID- 13945, this NQF4 course comes with 2 credits. Differentiating between fixed assets and stock in a business unit. The influence that stock management can have on the profitability of a business. Management of fixed assets in a business unit. Applying the basic principles of stock and fixed asset management to a business [...]

Manage the Finances of a Business


U/S ID- 263474, this NQF4 course comes with 6 credits. Financial aspects involved in running new venture. Cash flow management in the running of a new venture. An accounting system to manage a new venture. Analyse an income and expenditure statement. Analyse a balance sheet. Make a financial decision based on financial statements. [...]

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