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Do you want to be a successful, financial professional? Do you need to create an income in the Finance Industry you are skilled in? Would you like to be compliant with the
FSCA as well as FAIS through learning for the board exams and equipping yourself with the correct skill sets?

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Why Skills Development Professionals?

SDP facilitates your passions in the Finance Industry in an affordable and short period of time.

SDP provide the best blended methods of Education to ensure we accommodate your learning style and your schedule.

Because our Qualifications provide you with the best education possible through our subject matter expert support that teach you all the relevant knowledge, skills, and experience needed to make an impact.

With Economic Structures and Legislation consistently changing, it’s important to conduct your professional education through a college that stays relevant, so you don’t have to worry if you are studying the correct knowledge.

Download Free Wealth Management E-Book

About SDP’s Wealth Management

  • This Free E-book instantly displays the blended methods we educate by knowledge, practical application, blended questions and much more for you.
  • Through Wealth Management you are FSCA and FAIS approved to provide: Short-Term (Personal and Commercia) Insurance. Securities, Stocks, Bonds, Shares, and Forex Investments.
  • Personal and Retail Pension Funds
  • Health Service Benefits, Structures Deposits, Friendly Society Benefits and Much, much more.
  • Receive more information on this by downloading the free E-book
Download Free Wealth Management E-Book

Today you have the chance to receive Professional, Verified Financial Education

Follow these two simple steps to receive the following bonuses:

  1. Contact us for free Career Consultation at: +27 51 447 5882 or +27 21 003 82 88
  2. Schedule an appointment either telephonically, or via skype by e-mailing

Today you have the chance to receive Professional, Verified Financial Education Download Free Wealth Management E-Book

Download Free Wealth Management E-Book