Three Ways You Can Be More Certain About Your Opportunity. 3 minute read.

//Three Ways You Can Be More Certain About Your Opportunity. 3 minute read.

We all have emotions, and sometimes it’s difficult to control, isn’t it? We sometimes have seasons when we down, and other seasons when we in a “good mood”. Decision making for your life is 80% Psychological, and 20% Mechanics. It’s important to understand this and to see the additional opportunities of income streams for ourselves. Here are short and sweet tips for you to make better decisions for more opportunity for you:

  1. Step outside of the circumstance to make a more objective decision. How to do that: First start giving thanks and being grateful. The thankfulness and what you grateful of doesn’t have to be related to the circumstance. You do this because its impossible to feel frustrated, angry, and grateful at the same time. This will calm your emotions and allow you to not stress about the impact of the situation.
  2. Step two, start writing down what ideas and solutions come from the calmness you in. Calmness and peace not only allow you to face the reality you find yourself in, it also allows you to dig deep to find all the opportunities that are in the situation.
  3. Take the confidence and state of courage you in, to act on the solutions.

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