Three Hacks to Increase Your Career Opportunities for Your Personal Income. 4 minute read.

//Three Hacks to Increase Your Career Opportunities for Your Personal Income. 4 minute read.

Growing up as a child I had a lot of dreams and desires. As a child I had a lot of ideas and ideologies of how life will turn out and how life should be. Now a bit older I can truly say I’m blessed to be in a position where I can execute in practical ways how I want to contribute towards society. I’m always learning, always trying to improve.  Here are the hacks that made some of my dreams a reality thus far:

  1. I always believed in human centred investment and development. You can’t do much without having connection with people and having relationships. How can you have a client if there is no person! The one-way I learnt that was to understand different interacting and personality styles. People are different in some ways, and other ways we similar. It was also important to me to effectively communicate to people in ways they understand, so understanding their learning styles as well. Don’t get me wrong I’m still learning.
  1. It’s important to solve problems for clients in affordable and practical ways, that’s where you add the value of your service for them. When you add a great value to clients and they pay you for it, there’s a business relationship that has a potential to be a long-term relationship. The way I do this is by Facilitating their employees’ development or the personal clients themselves. Another way I do this is by giving the client’s consultation best ways for development, and the most cost-effective routes to achieve their objectives.
  1. The other practical lesson I learnt was in your positioning in the market. You want to make sure you are positioned in a place where you can add value to your clients, but to also be in a place of regulation. This means you want your credibility of results to speak for itself and you want to be in a business position where other verifiers who regulate the market can give you positive ratings.

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