The Wise Inherit Honour, but Fools get Only Shame.

//The Wise Inherit Honour, but Fools get Only Shame.

This statement above in the heading is important to understand if we want to get ahead and succeed in life. We all want to mean something and accomplish a life at least for yourself and your family, is it not? Let me break the statement up in simpler terms.

The wise (those that are calculating, careful with their actions and decisions, humble enough to listen) inherit (accomplish and will be granted) honour (you will receive attention, confidence, respect, trust). Imagine for a second, that you took this advice, and tried it for 10 minutes each day for three days, wouldn’t it be great? Try applying calculating decisions and being careful with your finance and investments. Try being humble enough to listen, I can guarantee you will be enlightened!

On the other hand, fools get only shame (disgrace, embarrassment, and deprived of self-esteem). You don’t want to be in this place in your life, would you? It’s important for all of us to remember this advice.

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I dare you to try this advice in your own life, I am excited to see the result! Succeed onward and upwards!

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