How to Effectively Save Time and Develop Your Team

//How to Effectively Save Time and Develop Your Team

A lady asked me once, “When does your staff find time to pursue further training? After hours, over weekends, or do you allow it during office hours? We can’t find the time for education during normal hours. “

Good training is good business – Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group

What is “Good” training? Good is Favourable (to business and employee), positive, valuable, first-class, and lets not forget precious!

Only if skill sets are learned on an ongoing basis, and results are increased is training good. Without the actual value and behaviour change, training is just a fun hobby!

A business should allow employees to do it during office hours, after all we do need relevant skill sets for the business to stay current and to adapt. Its good to develop the reputation of being the progressive, strong focused company that accommodates the changes of the industry and employee to stay flexible. Its important to be established as this to recruit “the best in the business”.

To encourage employees to develop themselves takes a bit of collaboration from the company and employee on when and where work is done. If process can continue with the employee planning ahead then it should be granted. On-the-job internal internships are also key to the development without losing out on workforce needed in certain areas.

Start working on solutions, because the ambitions of this opportunity is to increase the employees skills, loyalty, motivation, and experience. To be the market leader and best in the business, not a bad idea to strive towards!

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