One thing you can do every day to be more happy. 3 minute read.

//One thing you can do every day to be more happy. 3 minute read.

Do you have year-end stress? Are you running out of ways to be positive, and is your motivation running thin? Fear and frustration creeps up everywhere in our daily lives. When you about to go to bed, when you engaged in the task in front of you, or even when you having a break. Here is one simple thing you can do in the morning that won’t take you longer than 5 minutes to do to start the day MUCH better:

When you wake up, take deep breaths. Attribute a good emotion to that and say it aloud, and as you breathe out, attribute a negative emotion to that and say it aloud. I.e. “Peace in” (Take a deep breath in), “Anxiety” out (Breathe slowly out). Do this several times. After this sit and think about three times where you had a great sense of gratefulness and thankfulness. It can be last week, yesterday, or when you were a child it doesn’t matter when it was, just that you recall that moment and that you start to feel grateful. After that try to be a blessing or say a blessing over someone else close to you, it can be one, or 10 people, it doesn’t matter.

When you tackle the day after this, I can guarantee you will feel different and in a better frame of mind to take the day on.

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