How to Transform Your Mindset to Lead

//How to Transform Your Mindset to Lead

A leader is a completely different animal to a boss. A leader is not only overlooks the projects and processes, but also takes responsibility for the results. A leader goes ahead of the group and gets their hands dirty, to in fact lead by example to show how its done!

A leader is ruthlessly courageous and fears no outcome, is the calm in the storm, and is the storm when there is too much calm!

Its vital to engage employees in the process of conducting business, not to preach, but teach. The Latin word “educere” shows the root of the word “education” means “to lead forth”. Its not about your team members “cramming in” what you teach them, but to “lead out” to the outcome you desire.

Open work spaces and team terminology that creates engagement amongst employees only stimulates the work environment. A leader creates this working space by encouraging interaction and ideas, not from the corner office. That engagement and enthusiasm as well as work ethic rubs off easier onto the rest of the team!

Team Members don’t do what you say, they do what you do. If you want a more exciting and motivated workforce, lead by creating those conversations. Those that don’t buy into your ideas should be accommodated and not directed. “How would you do it if you were in my shoes? How are things going with the current operations?” Better to get the team responsibility involved with everyone, rather than having someone turn around and say “I knew it wouldn’t work” when things don’t go according to plan.

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