5 Tips to reduce your development costs. (5 minutes read)

//5 Tips to reduce your development costs. (5 minutes read)

We all know how it feels like to try your best to keep your Net Gain healthy, but expenses and cost of operations keep climbing. We know what it feels like to deal with that uncertainty and to want you make sure you receive the best value the quickest way, as we know speed is profit, slow is costly. However, talk is cheap, so let’s get into saving you expense of doing business:

28% Tax write off if you spend on any form of Accredited training and development. So if you need a job done quickly and effectively but need to send someone for training then its key to claim with your auditors the invoice you paid for training. You want effective training and for a good cost, its possible!

Skills Development Levy: As you spend 1% of Payroll its important to know how to claim 20% of that spend back. Moreover, how to receive funding for way more than your 1% Payroll spend.

If you invest funding or would like to expand business, as we know if you not taking massive action you are going down, then its important to invest according to strategy and to claim another 28% if the expense was done correctly.

ETI (Employment Tax Incentive) This is a cash flow rebate to your company for any employment 29 years or younger and that is earning between R2000.00-R6000.00 That you can apply now.

Moreover, if you are striving for success, its important to spot the gaps in your skills and to address them quickly and effectively. It’s not important to attend training, but to make sure you effectively remember the new skills and can apply them, that’s why you would like a training company that is flexible.

If you choosing to get the maximum value out of development, then its important to be with Training Consultants that don’t let opportunity “slip through the cracks”. Contact us at 0514475882 or training@sdp.edu.za for a free consultation.

P.S. There are additional discounts that weren’t even mentioned and an E-learning training system that will blow your socks off!

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