2 Ways to Learn Faster

//2 Ways to Learn Faster

Problem solving is a challenge, but I’m sure you have a way to solve problems, correct? You maybe believe that experience is the best way to make better decisions, or maybe you believe the only way to learn is through studying and researching. You wrong about both.

In order to effectively execute decision-making and to learn new skill sets to prevent the same problem coming up again, both are needed. You need a mentor that is successful in that area, that has a blueprint on how they succeeded. Then a subject matter expert on accredited training is also key, so they can give you the exact steps and knowledge to apply, as the mentor gives you the frame work to make decisions and to look at problems.

Here is what you know; you need to collect all the relevant information from the problem/challenge, to look at all the influencers in the challenge, and to make the best judgement call. You know knowledge is important and key to your development.

Here is what you don’t know; there are very successful individuals in your close community that has executed the correct decision-making for many years, otherwise they wouldn’t have the success they have now. Knowledge not applied is just information. Subject matter experts in certain fields have a more in-depth knowledge about the industry and the ways to overcome the challenges. You will be surprised at how much advice you will be able to attain for free.

Receive the training you need to do Workplace Skills Plans, to do Annual Training Reports, identify skills gaps and performance gaps in your company and department. Effectively get the message across to your staff to see the results and to make this year a great success.

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