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Congratulations On Exceeding Expectations!

Isn’t it great to receiving this statement for all you have accomplished in your career? It’s great to be recognized for accomplishments that you have completed and stating valuable unique statements only you can say. I.e. “I have helped 200-300 students develop themselves and complete their course/qualification successfully”. It’s something special to help develop other people achieve great success through years of your sacrifice and excellent execution. There comes a time in your training execution of Facilitating and Assessing success that you would like to oversee the process and teach others how to do it. There comes a time [...]

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Second Place Is The First Loser

Have you ever heard of that saying? “Second Place is the first loser”, how true is that? To most people this statement is very true. Have you ever achieved something great, that you worked hard for? How did it feel? It feels like you on top of the moon when you put the hard work in, and you reach the achievement. Have you ever planned for something in the workplace and worked hard to ensure that your plan becomes a reality? This is an achievement that feels well worth it at the end of the project! These achievements of [...]

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Enough Is Enough

When is enough, enough? Have you ever been through challenges in your life that make you bite your teeth, harden your fists, or honestly complain out of frustration? We want to try something new, start a side project, but never get the time to do it. This ever happen to you? It has happened to me that I prioritize something important, but somehow my workplace or other commitments get in the way of me fulfilling that what I want. However, I still need to make sure that I accomplish the tasks that I need to, like upskilling myself and [...]

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2 Ways to Learn Faster

Problem solving is a challenge, but I’m sure you have a way to solve problems, correct? You maybe believe that experience is the best way to make better decisions, or maybe you believe the only way to learn is through studying and researching. You wrong about both. In order to effectively execute decision-making and to learn new skill sets to prevent the same problem coming up again, both are needed. You need a mentor that is successful in that area, that has a blueprint on how they succeeded. Then a subject matter expert on accredited training is also key, [...]

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Three Ways You Can Be More Certain About Your Opportunity. 3 minute read.

We all have emotions, and sometimes it’s difficult to control, isn’t it? We sometimes have seasons when we down, and other seasons when we in a “good mood”. Decision making for your life is 80% Psychological, and 20% Mechanics. It’s important to understand this and to see the additional opportunities of income streams for ourselves. Here are short and sweet tips for you to make better decisions for more opportunity for you: Step outside of the circumstance to make a more objective decision. How to do that: First start giving thanks and being grateful. The thankfulness and what you [...]

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One thing you can do every day to be more happy. 3 minute read.

Do you have year-end stress? Are you running out of ways to be positive, and is your motivation running thin? Fear and frustration creeps up everywhere in our daily lives. When you about to go to bed, when you engaged in the task in front of you, or even when you having a break. Here is one simple thing you can do in the morning that won’t take you longer than 5 minutes to do to start the day MUCH better: When you wake up, take deep breaths. Attribute a good emotion to that and say it aloud, and [...]

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