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How to Transform Your Mindset to Lead

A leader is a completely different animal to a boss. A leader is not only overlooks the projects and processes, but also takes responsibility for the results. A leader goes ahead of the group and gets their hands dirty, to in fact lead by example to show how its done! A leader is ruthlessly courageous and fears no outcome, is the calm in the storm, and is the storm when there is too much calm! Its vital to engage employees in the process of conducting business, not to preach, but teach. The Latin word “educere” shows the root of [...]

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How to Effectively Save Time and Develop Your Team

A lady asked me once, “When does your staff find time to pursue further training? After hours, over weekends, or do you allow it during office hours? We can’t find the time for education during normal hours. “ Good training is good business – Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group What is “Good” training? Good is Favourable (to business and employee), positive, valuable, first-class, and lets not forget precious! Only if skill sets are learned on an ongoing basis, and results are increased is training good. Without the actual value and behaviour change, training is just a fun hobby! A [...]

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Practical Steps to Better Performance in Your Workplace Teams

Keeping departments in project-based teams and job role teams not only adds an energetic twist to your company but also increases responsibility. These team-based performances that you manage also increases speed and flexibility. What is important in this time is to forever be looking at how things can be done differently, as well as seeking from your advisors for honest feedback on what your strengths are for a company, and especially what your weaknesses are. Perhaps you will be in a better position to look at execution of campaigns and overview of processes instead of day-to-day operations? Important to [...]

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Kickstart the Economics of Your Business

While the one key to your business is being resourcefulness with what you already have, the key to financing your dream is understanding the economics of your industry, as well as your business and the marketing plan you will be implementing. The magic nugget to your business is “releasing the handbrake” of your business and going full out for it. The one key to this business is getting the finance, also known as: “Show us the money” The one key to understanding financing of your business is that it’s a relationship process. Banks, investment bankers, and even business incubators [...]

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Four Common Mistakes When Launching A Business And How To Reduce Them

When you don’t reach your desired outcome, its not called failure, it’s only failure when you give up. If you learn quickly, adapt, and implement again from these experiences, they will be very valuable lessons. Its all part of the process. First common mistake: Stay on Target. What this means is to clearly communicate your vision to get the buy-in from investors, potential employees, and partners. The key is to be clear about this vision and to focus on it, not to get caught up in the adrenaline, don’t lose the purpose of the business! Clearly defined goals, strategies, [...]

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“Surviving A Downturn And Thriving In The Process”

“Surviving A Downturn And Thriving In The Process”- Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder Economic Downturns shouldn’t be taken lightly, and as counterproductive it sounds, this is a season to invest wisely when everything is 50% to 90% cheaper than in upside economic cycles. This can be challenging, however possible to do. Here are the two biggest challenges and how to overcome them. The economic cycle is slow, from boom to bust can take a decade in some cases, so patience is key. The most challenging key, organizations and entrepreneurs must respond to ideas as well as the market. [...]

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