Personal leadership refers to how you lead or manage your personal life. If you cannot manage your own life, how then can you manage the lives of others? Before you aspire to lead others, lead yourself first. To know how well you are managing yourself need deep evaluation. Do you have the life you want? Are you achieving your goals? Do you have a vision and a plan for your life? Do you know where your life is going? Personal evaluation helps you locate yourself and plan a way forward. Understanding where one stands requires asking a lot of [...]

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Over the past decades, many scholars and practitioners have come up with various definitions of leadership, trying to help us understand the subject. Here I try to simplify leadership by breaking it down into its various components, then explain one by one to help your clarity. Firstly, here is how I define leadership. Leadership is achieving a pre-meditated goal with and through people voluntarily using cooperation, understanding and influence. Firstly there has to be a goal. Leadership targets to achieve that goal. The goal is not accidental, it is premeditated, set and shared by the leader. The leader achieves [...]

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There are three pillars that are central to leadership, which are knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Without these pillars it is difficult for any leader to succeed. Leadership is all about awareness, understanding and the ability to judge correctly. Much of leadership failure is a result of people acting without understanding exactly what they want. The outcome is not clear and activities are derived out of fear of idleness rather than the pursuit of something noble. Some of it is a result of people acting on the basic knowledge they have as facts are not enough. Such issues result in some [...]

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It was a great pleasure going through the hundreds of feedback in response to my recent article. Leadership starts from the family, community, national and international level. Today my chief aim is not necessarily to be technical but help bring out some hidden meanings that the English language is able to. Many words were derived from Greek and other languages and in translation, many lost their meanings. English as a language does not give us deeper understanding of some aspects because of its tendency to generalise. It's too flexible and contextual and in doing so loses depth of analysis. [...]

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