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As a Qualification in Wealth Management, it provides a framework for learners to develop competencies related to the Long Term Insurance Sub-Sector, which includes Life Benefits, Retirement Funds and Medical Scheme Administration, as well as the Collective Investment Sub-Sector, Wealth Creation and Wealth Management. It provides a balanced learning experience and an opportunity for learners to apply academic skills in relation to the workplace. The Qualification is structured in such a way that it exposes learners to generic competencies required in the Financial Services Sector at Level 5 and allows for specialisation to meet the needs of different work roles.
Learners should have at least a Level 4 Qualification or a Grade 12. It is preferable that learners should first complete one of the Long-Term Insurance or Wealth Management Qualifications at NQF Level 4 before accessing this Qualification.

Provision has been made for prior learning to be recognised if a learner is able to demonstrate competence in the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes implicit in this Qualification. Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) should be made to a relevant accredited ETQA.

Gathering, analysing, synthesising and evaluating information, manipulating and interpreting data and identifying trends, communicating information coherently in writing and verbally, and showing insight into current affairs in the Financial Services sector.

Apply knowledge of economics, investment practices, tax and other financial information to match the needs of clients to financial products.

Applying knowledge of legislation, ethics, and compliance in the context of the financial services sector in South Africa.

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This E-Learning will include the following Unit Standards and tons of additional value through the following methods

  • Face-to-Face Facilitation and Mentorship
  • White Board Animation Clips

  • Additional Clips explaining core areas

  • PDF’s for you to complete and submit to receive the accredited Qualification

  • Storylines that explain the content in a very interactive and impactful way.

  • Subject matter expert knowledge and expertise mentioned above in “Outcomes of this Qualifications”

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Here’s an outlay of the courses you will be developing your skill sets in.

LITERACY 230071 Apply basic economic principles to the financial services sector NQF5 5 Fundamental 1
120075 Demonstrate insight into current affairs in the Financial Services sector NQF5 10 Fundamental 1
230075 Demonstrate knowledge and insight into the changing nature of the financial services industry and its consumers NQF5 6 Fundamental 1
119997 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of risk in a Financial Services environment NQF5 5 Fundamental 1
230077 Describe the financial life cycle of an individual and how this influences financial decisions NQF5 8 Fundamental 1
230070 Present an informed argument on a current issue in a business sector NQF5 5 Fundamental 1
NUMERACY 242601 Apply a researched trend to individual financial risk NQF5 5 Core 1
242574 Present a proposal to optimise the  tax aspects of the wealth management of an entity NQF5 4 Core 1
242580 Apply scenario planning to explain potential risk in a specified financial services context NQF5 6 Core 1
242594 Apply knowledge of the different asset classes in order to give financial  advice NQF5 4 Core 2
DEVELOPMENT 230078 Apply the principles of ethics to a business environment NQF6 10 Core 1
242554 Research information in order to assist in conducting a financial risk assessment NQF5 7 Core 2
242573 Determine the needs and wants of an entity in order to propose an appropriate financial solution NQF5 4 Core 2
LEADERSHIP 230073 Explain how the li fe cycle of a business entity affects investment and insurance decisions NQF6 6 Elective 1
242557 Research theories of behavioural  economics and behavioural finance to explain the influence of emotion on financial decisions NQF6 4 Elective 1
242562 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of  risk finance in order to propose an insurance solution NQF5 5 Elective 1
242572 Evaluate the relevant performance of a Fund/ Portfolio Manager Level 6 5 Elective 1
117129 Apply the regulations for disclosure that are required as part of the financial sales process Level 4 2 Elective 1
242593 Explain South African money laundering legislation and the implications for accountable institutions in transacting with clients Level 4 3 Elective 2
242584 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 2002 (FAIS) (Act 37 of 2002) as it impacts on a specific financial services sub-sector Level 4 2 Elective 2
TOTALS 120 30

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Total Cost: R17 987

  1. Payment Options: Deposit before end of June – R3500
  2. Monthly Payments (for 10 Months) – R1 448,70

Deposit of R3500 before July secures your spot and the promotional offer.
*NOTE* After July payment goes back to normal price of R19 890.00.

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